Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Sauna Open Air 2013

Sauna Open Air 2013 Tampere Ratina Stadium

It is about time to open the festival season! And is there a better way to start it than to head North to the land of never ending festivals – Finland? I think not. With that said, I've decided to head for Sauna Open Air in Tampere which took place between 8th and 9th of June.

I've been to couple of finnish festivals before including this biggest one which is obviously Tuska. Compared to which Sauna could be called slightly humble. Furthermore, even though there were merely two stages, I felt equally tired because I had to run between them all the time, cause the schedule was THAT squeezed. But hey, being both tired as a pony after a western and sun-burned are two inseparable festival features that are awaiting for us and we know it well! And we are still willing to participate. But enough of my babble. Without no further ado, let's get get going!