Sunday, 29 June 2014

Basinfirefest sortie

Antti Hyrde Hyyrynen Stam1na Basinfirefest spálené poříčí 2014

So, Basinfirefest.

I can't say a lot about it, since I was there for several hours only. Precisely I was there to see Stam1na and go back home as quickly as possible. And I was not  happy with how Basinfirewas organised though. I mean, I've been active gig participant since 2005, I've been to many various festivals and gigs. And I can say easily - I know how a festival should be arranged. I don't want to rant here, because it would take me several dozen of pages to get through basic issues, but BFF promoters - either you pull yourselves together and organise things like pros (signing sessions - where the heck they've been?; bus schedules, not informing press about rules of accreditations and then being mad that the applications didn't met the conditions) or start doing something else. For real. Like, I don't know, knitting maybe? I bet it must be interesting.

Despite that I've had a great time due to my lovely company and I am unhappy that I couldn't stay longer with them due to my everyday duties. I've also managed to take few pictures of Stam1na from the first row. Quite a new experience - I don't remember when last time I've took pictures from first row and (shame on me!) pretty damn tipsy. And I mean REALLY tipsy. Good thing is that my camera did better job than me ;) But what can one do, beers just get perfectly fine with sun and festivals :)

But enough babling, here are the pictures.

Friday, 13 June 2014

Eläkeläiset, aka who said pensioners can't rock?


I've heard many stories on Eläkeläiset before from my finnish friend. That they make humppa covers, that they have this lovely game that they've started once upon a time, that they rock people's socks off on gigs... Later on I also learned that they once played in my hometown and after they totally demolished pretty much everything on the stage, the venue stopped functioning and festival never had another edition. Coincidence? I think not!