Friday, 31 October 2014

Mathemathics of goodbyes

There are so many words which you want to say to a friend who is leaving. They usually  come to me when someone is already gone. So you usually stand there like a jerk, saying nothing or, for worse, say some stupid clichés which sound incredibly corny if you think about them later.

farewell report pożegnania

Thursday, 9 October 2014

In Solitude European Tour 2014 with Beastmilk and Wölfrider

I had no expectations before going to this gig. I know Wölfrider guys personally since the Crimean War and I know what kind of stuff do they play. But In Solitude and Beastmilk? Didn't rang a bell at all. So, I listened briefly to In Solitude and Beastmilk on Spotify, but I could label them only as "music to play in the background while writing a thesis". But Beastmilk intrigued me enough to grab my camera and go to Firlej.

And I have absolutely no regrets - seeing them live was a great experience (guys, I still hope to see you with Jess And The Ancient Ones on tour on day!), it was great to meet with some long time not seen friends and have a couple of beers. In Solitude was also a neat one, I liked how energetic the band was, the general vibe, despite the near-blackout state of lights which made photographing damn difficult.

In Solitude European Tour 2014 Firlej Wrocław