2014 - summary


So, the summary. To be honest, my memory is pretty selective, or, if you prefer, pretty bad ;) But I'll try my best to keep it as orderly possible and not ramble to much. I didn't really think about categories to put my works into, because my this years output is rather humble. Besides, I've learned to love my own development more than successes. Thus, I just wrote below things that popped up in my head right off the bat. Let's get cracking!

To sum the year up in one phrase, I'd say that I've gained more experiences than in previous years, although camera was more in the bag than outside for most of the year. I've felt more confident and I've done things that I've never dared to do in the past, like comissioned event and conceptual photoshoot. Mostly due to the fact, that I've FINALLY got a new body, namely a full frame Nikon camera. And I'd like to quote my first impression when I've used it on Eläkeläiset concert:

[...] I got my hands on new camera and was finally able to test it… And it is simply flawless. It costed me nearly arm, leg and decent piece of liver, but I don’t regret at all. 


To quote a classic: 'nuff said.
As I've mentioned before, I've did more than just photograph concerts. I've did a small comissioned work for a bachelor party, which was a refreshing thing to do after all those gigs ;)

Monika's bachelor party photoshoot

Monika's bachelor party photoshoot
I've also done a photoshoot based on a concept I got after listening to a song by finnish band called Stam1na, "Muistipalapelit". I called it "Memory Puzzles". It was the first shoot for me that included me as a model and was based on a given idea. And since I have a whole notebook dedicated to future photoshoot concepts, I believe it won't be the last one. It's about time to make good use of those ideas!

Memory puzzles photoshoot, muistipalapelit

Memory puzzles photoshoot, muistipalapelit
I've also made my first decent photojournalism attempt while documenting my friends trip to the airport, while she was leaving for work abroad. Very basic thing to do, but made me realise that photojournalism topics really are everywhere around us to be found. That I don't need to document frontline in Syria to show something with my pictures.

mathematics of goodbyes
I've also made an intensive course on photography history due to my bachelor thesis (on concert photography) which will be completed... Soon-ish, I hope ;) I never wrote about it here to be exact, but reading through 100+ years history of photography really make a difference in your thinking. I mean, it's good to know your roots and take advantage on experiences of people who dealt with photography long before you were born. Not to mention that I actually do enjoy reading on history.

During my work on thesis I've also had opportunity to speak with great photogs who have helped me out a lot when I was writing my thesis. Petri, Simona, Bartek, Xeniya, once again - bajillion thanks!

But let's move on to my beloved concert photography. How was 2014 concert-wise?

Well, I'd say that I missed festivals a LOT. I have done only 1, tiny festival  in Czech Republic, Basinfire Festival, as participant and doing pictures from the first row. Altough I've had a plenty of good time, I wasn't much happy that it was the only festival I got to the this year. Which I hope to make it up for next year. Tuska Open Air seems appealing enough (seriously, seeing Alice Cooper live would do the trick for me in 100%) among others.

Stam1na Hyrde Basinfire

Another good thing about this trip was that I got to see Prague for a few hours, which is always a plus. It's really cute after dark.

praha prague panorama Malá Strana
As for concerts in venues - for first half of the year I've did barely few gigs (actually it was only Civil War and Eläkeläiset, minus 1 or 2 local gigs). But after a long break, I finally got to shoot quite plenty of gigs in the latter part of the year.

In Solitude

Crimson shadows

Alestorm, In Solitude, Fear Of Domination, Insomnium, Dark Tranquility, Deicide, you name them!

Dark Tranquillity

Fear Of Domination
But I have to admit, once again, that my favourite of them all was Insomnium with Fleshgod Apocalypse and Stam1na as warm up acts. I will repeat myself, but the atmosphere was great, lights were great, performances were great, it was great to see some old, long time no see friends and lastly - it was great to chat with the band afterwards while having a beer. I loved everything bout this gig! But by the love of ancient gods, it could last a bit longer.


Stam1na Hyrde
And onwards to 2015... Well, I certainly want to do more concept based photoshoots with models, cause I really liked the mutual effort that both model and photographer contribute in order to create something new. It's a fantastic feeling to plot the whole thing with someone else and prepare all the props. I certainly will try to seek for new topics for more photojournalistic oriented works. I do certainly want to travel more, because I am experiencing a strong wanderlust since I haven't been properly on the road since June 2013. Also I want to improve my travel photos, because most of them weak beyond any human imagination ;) And I certainly will do concert pictures, I even already have 1 show booked for late January, with another photo pass in progress.

And that's about it. I wish all the best in the new, upcoming year and lot of opportunities to capture breathtaking pictures!


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