Friday, 15 May 2015

3-Majówka 2015, Wrocław, Day 2

Since I've already explained what the hell Majówka is in previous post, let's get cracking with day 2.

Łąki Łan publika

3-Majówka 2015, Wrocław, Day 1

Majówka in polish actually means a small trip outside the city to relax and chill before going back to old routine. It can also refer to many big events which are usually organised between 1st (Labour Day) and 3rd (Constitution Day) of May. And because I've went to such event, I actually didn't chill at all, cause I've went to 3-Majówka in Wrocław. I don't mean I didn't enjoy it, rather like I've probably forgot how exhausting the festivals are ;)

And also - link to part 2 can be found at the bottom of the entry. Anyhow, let's get down to the business.

Luxtorpeda tłum

Thursday, 14 May 2015

Thanks Jimi Festival - Gitarowy Rekord Guinessa 2015

I really don't know why Thanks Jimi Festival is still such a small event and known basically only in Poland. Come on, we're trying to set a world record here! Every year!

Thanks Jimi Festival - Gitarowy Rekord Guinessa 2015

Fore me it was always sort of a 'well-duh' event. I kinda took it for granted and didn't always attend it, since my guitar playing skills are pretty much non-existent. This year though I've had an opportunity to go with a camera and take some pictures of guitarists and bands performing on stage.