Monday, 27 July 2015

Blues Pills, Alibi Club, Wrocław

As much as I love to photograph the pure, raw energy on stage, sometimes I just need to take a small break. And shoot something that is more of an experience, that you can literally dive into, feel the magic taking place in the venue. Blues Pills with Strain and Katedra was definitely one of those.

Blues Pills Wrocław Alibi 2015

Friday, 17 July 2015

Provinssi Festivaali 2015, day 4

Phew, the last day of the festival. I was already getting tired and the lack of sleep started to get a gripe on me. I guess sleeping for 4-5 hours every night wasn't the best idea. But oh what the heck, resting is for the weak, especially on the festival, am I rite? ;)


Thursday, 16 July 2015

Provinssi Festivaali 2015, day 3

Third day was the longest and the most exhausting for me, due to the amount of bands I decided to see. So, without further ado, let's get cracking!

Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Provinssi Festivaali 2015, day 2

After first long day I went to sleep as soon I've hit my matress, but I've slept in total for... 4-5 hours? Mainly due to my spine which hurt me like a bitch during night. Yay for festival life! So I woke up at 7 or 8 and went of to seek for some sort of a cure for my sleep shortage. After grabbing some coffee, I went to Törnävä to the festival site.

selfie Provinssi Festivaali 2015 Seinäjoki

Monday, 13 July 2015

Provinssi Festivaali 2015, day 1

To begin with, I have to I seriously didn't believe that I'm actually gonna get there and do the pictures. It begun as an loose idea, after I saw this particular piece of video posted by one of my favourite finnish bands Stam1na. In a nutshell, they decided to play 1 gig per day for the whole 4 days of the festival, playing different album on every day. Including the earlier ones which I never heard live. I remember that I was so excited to hear these news that right of the bat, I decided - alright, Provinssi Festivaali, here I come!

So I applied for the media pass. But the reply wasn't coming for so long that I was certain that I won't get accepted. To my surprise I got the response. A positive one. 2 weeks before the festival started. And then I freaked out. Out of happiness of course, cause my request got a green light, but also - how am I supposed to pull off quite a massive logistic undertaking? With a help from my family and friends, I managed to book a flight (it ain't that easy with some airlines as you might think...), buses, accommodation, etc. and... I finally took off!

Sunday, 12 July 2015

Julia and Mikołaj, 3.06.2015

It was my first wedding that I shot. And to be honest, I couldn't dream for more sweet, cheerful and photogenic couple for the first time :)

Here are some snapshots from the ceremony and the reception (which took place in Biała Akacja venue in Łąka Prudnicka).

fotografia ślubna dolny śląsk polska wrocław weselna wesele ślub wedding photography poland weddings zabawa zdjęcia ślubne zdjęcia weselne

Saturday, 4 July 2015

Some things never change.

Gotta tell you, I have a special spot on the map.

I've never actually intended to go there. I think simply got lost while trying to find Kaapelitehdas in Helsinki. I remember it was bloody cold, cause it was February, but the day was really sunny. Covered under the white sparkly quilt, the whole place looked simply gorgeous.

eiranranta helsinki shore beach winter

eiranranta helsinki shore beach winter