Sunday, 29 November 2015

Samael, Furia - Ceremony of Opposites Tour 2015

Again, similarly as in the Dark Tranquillity case, I must have lived under a rock so far, since I haven't got into Samael before. I really liked both older songs from the more black metal era, as much as newer, more industrial ones. Seriously, they discography immidiately lands on my Spotify "to hear out" playlist. Also, Vorph did a pretty decent job speaking polish when welcoming the crowd. Few more gigs and I bet he'll talk like a pro ;)
I sadly didn't make to the first support which was Bloodthirst, I arrived to see... or more likely hear Furia on stage (since the amount of smoke they've had made "see live" kind of an overstatement).

Anyway, enjoy the pictures!


Saturday, 28 November 2015

Veiled bride

My mind is constructed like a storage of meticulously collected ideas, pictures and phrases. They quite often combine and evolve into something new, when I see a certain image in my head. Then, I try to write it down. So I'll be albe to, later on, to make something of it and, so to speak, discard it and make some space for new ideas.
That was pretty much the reason of making this small veiled bride photoshoot. I've also had in my head this concept of Bride-No Bride along with a bit of Południca (Lady Midday, a slavic demon).
Huge thanks to Justyna Małecka, who provided her studio for the shoot and agreed to model for me.
Veiled bride

Sunday, 1 November 2015

Moonspell, Dagoba, Jaded Star - Road To Extinction Tour 2015

After 4 months break, I'm back in business! First one to start the fall gig season - Moonspell with supports - Dagoba and Jaded Star.

Moonspell Road To Extinction Tour 2015