Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Awakening - Procession of Four Spirits of Wroclaw

Well, actually one, but you get the drift. I still can't multiply myself.

In case you didn't knew, my beloved city Wrocław just became European Capital of Culture for 2016!

Druing the opening ceremony Awakening people were allowed to take part in Parade of the Four Spirits of Wrocław. Four Spirits were big parades/performances which represented my city's characteristics and are rooted in Wrocław history. And the Spirits were Spirit of the Flood (cause we experienced really nasty flood in 1997 which put people's solidarity to a test), the Spirit of Innovation (cos we like innovations! :D ), the  (we've always had many denominations here which translates to architecture and history), the Spirit of Reconstruction (cos we had to reconstruct the city after WW2 which was severly wounded). They all started simultaneously in 4 different districts and headed towards Main Market Square where the opening ceremony woud take place.

TL;DR - we are ECC 2016 and the opening ceremony was damn neat and there were installations and performances during the parades. I took part in the Spirit of Many Faiths parade. And here are some snaphots from it.

Ceremonia Otwarcia "Przebudzenie"  pochód Czterech Duchów Wrocławia rynek europejska stolica kultury 2016

Tuesday, 5 January 2016

2015 - summary

I know it sounds extremely clichéd, but I kinda don't wanna believe that whole another year passed. And my oh my, was it a busy one for me! I'll try to quickly to put it together in a short summary, although I will be probably the last person to do it among other photogs... again :P