2015 - summary


I know it sounds extremely clichéd, but I kinda don't wanna believe that whole another year passed. And my oh my, was it a busy one for me! I'll try to quickly to put it together in a short summary, although I will be probably the last person to do it among other photogs... again :P

This year was not as versatile in genres, but I did a very big step that I wanted to do since a long, long time, but I was never was bold enough to try it. Namely, wedding photography.

Opportunity to try came when close friends were getting married and I've asked them if I could do some pictures, just to test myself. And all I'm gonna say is that I regret not doing weddings earlier! Besides, my job was pretty easy - the couple, Julia and Mikołaj were the sweetest, smiliest (is that even a word? ah screw it, now it became a word!) and photogenic people I could imagine when starting doing wedding photos :)


As for the photoshoot department, I did one small photoshoot that lingered in my head from some time. Veiled bride pictures are the result. Also, I got to work a bit with artificial light, again, something utterly new for me.


Concert-wise though, I was busy as ever, especially spring. I did pretty much a lot of pictures for Wroclive.pl at most of the times. My favourite event to shoot was probably Majówka and Thanks Jimi Festival.

Thanks Jimi Festival - Gitarowy Rekord Guinessa 2015

Luxtorpeda tłum
Also, Kultur Shock was super entertaining. If you are a fan of Gogol Bordello and similar tunes, give Shockies some love, cause they deserve it more than anyone.

Kultur Shock

As for the festivals I managed to check out at only one, but hoo boy! was that massive one! There was enough artists to make 3 small fests out of it at least. I'm talking obviously about Provinssi Festivaali. I wasn't really sure if I'm going to make it there, but I managed somehow to pull it off. Despite the rain, fleeing buses, festival area looking like a swamp and my general clumsiness.

Initially, I wanted to go to Provinssi to see 4 gigs of my favourite band Stam1na in a row. It was quite a rarity for me, since I never got to listen to their older albums live.


But I quickly realised that idea of festival with more than one or two music genres is waaaay better. I mean, I still love rock and metal music, but thanks to Provinssi I discovered plenty of artists that I almost instantly fell in love with. Heck, till this day I listen to Foxes and hum Jenni Vartiainen's song Junat ja naiset every other day. None of them is rock or metal at that matter. Not to mention that one of my favourite shows was Die Antwoord which literally rocked the audience like no other band out there... well, okay, Faith No More being the close runner-up ;)

Faith No More

Die Antwoord

After Provinssi I managed to spend a few days in Helsinki and slack for a day or two. Which is always ultra neat, The weather was fab and I event didn't mind seagulls (which I usually can't stand). So, with a small endorsment from Hartwall company, I strayed on the streets, happy as ever.

Kaisaniemi Botanic Garden
Too bad Kaisaniemi Botanic Garden was closed for maintenance. Meh.

Kallio church
Kallio church
aadolfinkatu mural streetart

Tokoinranta park and Eläintarhanlahti
Tokoinranta park and Eläintarhanlahti

Afternoon by the sea
I did also a few gigs in between like MoonspellSamael, Arkona or Blues Pills which, I gotta admit, was my favourite of the bunch.

Blues Pills





Also, I became a model once again! :D Again, my friend Justyna did the pictures where I just got dressed in various "wild" props and we just went with the flow. It was totally random and that's why I like such shoots, you never know what will be the result :)

Check her other photos here: https://justynaem.wordpress.com/



As for 2016.. I have no idea what will happen. I have 2 or 3 festivals that I want to attend, but I have no idea what's next. My biggest plan I want to achieve is to move abroad and I'm more or less focused on it now. Then, maybe, just maybe, I might go professional with my pictures. But it won't happen until I will finally stand on my own legs and stop being permanently broke at all times. I'm kind of both scared and excited - I have no idea what future holds for me and thus I'm a bit dreadful what will happen. Heck, I haven't even moved in my own city even once, not to mention country! But at the same time, I'm eager and excited to see something new. I just feel under my skin that this year is going to be filled with many novelties. I've had a tiny novelty already. I always wanted to learn how to ice skate and BAM! last Sunday I asked my brother to give me a few lessons on the rink. I might not be the new Evgeni Plushenko, but I managed to toddle around the rink a few times. Good start, eh? :)
Also, when I feel doubtful, I try to comfort myself with a motto I came up with during my last trip to Finland:

„When nothing goes according to the plan – it means you’re on the right track.”

And to finish that motivational dilly dally (which could be actually summed up in Shia Beouf's JUST DO IIIIIIT! :D ), I wish you all the best in 2016. Stay warm, keep tight and take care :)


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