Devenial Verdict promotional photos


Devenial Verdict promotional promoI wanted to do a band promo for the longest time in the freaking universe. But it seemed that all of local bands weren't in a burning need of promotional pictures. Le sigh.

And then I went on holiday to Helsinki, as I do almost every year. This time I wasn't even planning to do anything music related, I just needed a week off to chill with a cold beverage at seaside.

And wouldn't you know it, my very good friends' band needed a few promos to their upcoming album. It seems there's no rest for the wicked ;)

The idea was the very simple headshots and one altogether pic. And since the guys wanted sharp lights and contrast, almighty tungsten was the go-to light.

It was damn cool to be a part of shooting of a clip and I thank the band Devenial Verdict for having me there. And I can't wait to see my pics in the booklet in future, same for finished clip :3

Lights - Kinos Rentals

Devenial Verdict promotional promo Okko Tolvanen

Devenial Verdict promotional promo Sebastian Frigren

Devenial Verdict promotional promo Antti Poutanen

Devenial Verdict promotional promo Riku Saressalo

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