Friday, 16 June 2017

2017.06.10 Rotting Christ + Bloodthirst, Shodan

rotting christ sakis tolis

I love me some Rotting Christ. I've been with them since around Theogonia release and they were my personal bridge between heavy and black metal music, not to mention eastern elements in their music. Needless to say I was overjoyed when I heard the news about them playing in my:

  1. hometown
  2. favourite venue Firlej
  3. shortly after my b-day, so I'd be sort of a late present for me (similar situation as in 2013 when Septicflesh played around this date)
Besides, I needed to fix my folio which missed this fabulous band. I mean, I have some pics from their show in 2010, but they were taken in goth forbid venue Madness (rest in peace, no one is missing you) and with a compact camera. Well, they were pretty bad as you can clearly see... ->
Tho at that time I thought I was doing legit gig coverage ;)

Anyhow, check dem pictures out!

Thursday, 15 June 2017

2017.03.17 Triptykon /w Mord’A’Stigmata, Blaze Of Perdition, Secrets Of The Moon

2017.03.05 - Battle Beast + Majesty, Gyze

Another instatnt fave. Noora is like a spark. You wouldn't suspect someone so tiny to possess SUCH a voice. Well, believe me, she does.

2017.02.28 Sabaton + Accept /w Twilight Force

Thanks to this gig, I've found my new ultimate concert favourite - Accept!

2017.02.15 Kreator + Sepultura, Soilwork, Aborted

Kreator Mille petrozza guitarist playing in progresja, warsaw, poland

This year seems like I've got to shoot many new bands that I never had opportunity to shoot. Or 've hunting for them for eons. Kreator and Sepultura peeps being the first one in 2017. Damn fun evening.